Smartwatches has always been interesting to me, even though I have never bought one. The best selling and most well-known smartwatch is the Apple Watch. While I’m led to believe that it’s not necessarily a bad product, I think that it has room for improvement. Below are the top three reasons why I would never consider purchasing an Apple Watch.


No always-on display

The most important feature of a watch is the ability to display the time. In my opinion, the Apple Watch fails to do this. To get the Apple Watch to display the time, you have to either press a button, tap the screen or perform a gesture with your arm. Although it’s not particularly difficult to wake the screen, you shouldn’t have to. I’d rather have the ability to glance at my wrist and see the time without having to perform any other action. Implementing an always-on display isn’t that hard. My phone has one.


Poor design

Apple is a company that has prided itself on being premium and having great designs for decades, which is why I was quite surprised when they launched a rectangular watch. A “premium” watch should be round like a Rolex, not rectangular like a Casio Calculator Watch from the 80s. In my opinion, round watches look stylish and fashionable, whereas rectangular watches look nerdy and dorky.

It should be noted, however, that I am no fashion expert.


No Android support

The Apple Watch is locked into the Apple ecosystem, meaning that Android users like myself cannot connect their phones to the Apple Watch. Technically, it could become possible if Apple released an Apple Watch companion app for Android. Although Apple has released Android apps in the past, it seems unlikely that they will release one for the Apple Watch.

Although the Apple Watch is positioned as a selling point for iPhones, it isn’t convincing enough for me to switch back.